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Loteria Huaraches KIDS

Loteria Huaraches KIDS

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Since these shoes are made in Mexico they only come in whole sizes.

Before ordering, please we advise to measure your kids foot in cm/ inches to find out the right size for you little one. This styles comes a bit smaller 

3 toddler 10 cm (11MX) 
4 Toddler 11 cm (12MX) 
5 Toddler 12cm (13MX)
6 Toddler 13 cm (14MX) 
7 Toddler 14 cm (15MX) 
8 Toddler 15 cm (16MX)
9 Little Kid 16 cm (17MX)
10 Little Kid 17 cm (18MX)
11 Little Kid 18 cm (19 MX) 
12 Youth 19 cm (20 MX) 
1 Youth 20 cm (21MX) 

You can always exchange for smaller or larger size.

NOTE: Each product is handmade from Mexico causing differentiation and minor imperfections in each piece making them that much more unique. We strive to have consistency within our business but please be aware not all pieces are 100% alike.